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Martes 20 de Octubre de 2009 00:00

Investments worth 1.9 bln euros for management of hydro energy potential

Hydorelectric power plant Barajul.Lenin(Romania): Hidroelectrica plans to attain a hydro-energy potential of 2.28 TWh/year by 2025, of which 1.011 TWh/year over 2009-2012, supposing an overall investment of almost 1.88 billion euros in new arrangements, according to Hidroelectrica Co. data presented on Monday, on the occasion of a roundtable on the hydro-energy potential.

The company plans to manage 20 new river segments, with a potential of 1.246 TWh/year, for which preliminary studies were conducted. Works are under way for 2009-2012 phase.

According to the company data, a potential of 20.86 TWh/year can be valued by 2025, accounting for 64.78 percent of all manageable economic potential.
“Hidroelectrica has 300 million euros in annual investments, of which 40 percent for rehabilitation works”, noted Hidroelectrica exploitation manager Dragos Zachia.

Total value of manageable hydro-energy economic potential nationwide is up to some 32.20 Terrwatt-hour per year, without the micro-potential evaluated at some 2.226 TWh/year.
Of the total potential Hidroelectrica values some 17.33 Twh/year, namely 53.83 percent. Future projects for interior rivers are up to 7.99 TWh/year, and the future Danube projects to 4.66 TWh/year.